Florida Garden

Bannana Plant

In December 2010 I spent $12.95 on a Ice Cream Banana Plant from Willis Orchard which arrived as a soggy looking clump which you can see in the photo with 2 leaves on the ground. Then in May 2011 I got the bigger Bannana Tree at a garage sale for $1.

Not that im complaining, im sure the Ice Cream Banana Plant is much tastier. Since I have got a few more plants from a variety of sources. they preffer the shadier areas I think.

Bannana Plant February 2015

they dont look too good in February BUT one of them at least had some little bannanas. I really like bannanas. Seems to have flowered too so I dont know what went on there as the flower looked still alive but at the same time dead.

Bannana Plant August 2013

Seem to be doing well. I figure that if you plant enough of them in enough locations then some of them will survive.

Bannana Plant April 2013

Not had much luck with bananas really so I have planted them all over the garden to see if one spot is any better than another although its not really fair as they are all different species. Im just hoping something will survive.

Bannana Plant December 2012

Never had any luck with bannana plants do I brought 4 more and planted them around the garden. Theres a Dwarf Cavendish on the East side, a Japanese Fiber (Platano Japones De La Fibra) to the West and two Musa plants in the back. Im hoping that by putting them all over the garden they wont all die as i've gone through quite a few bannana plants already.

Bannana Plant July 2012

Not doing very well at all really.

Bannana Plant November 2011

Still hanging in there, but no massive gains.

Bannana Plant

The second larger one was from the garage sale and the guy said that once if fruits you need to cut it back to 10 inches from the ground?

August 2011

Well, the Ice Cream plant has vanished leaving only the $1 plant which was slightly submerged by the weeds but still existing at least.