Florida Garden

Miracle Plant

Not got a proper photo of this yet BUT I got it in 2009 and this is its third summer if you count the one I planted it in.

The thing is, every winter it dies from frost but it still comes back, even from being overgrown like this!!! When I figure out its name i'll write it up properly. It was a dollar from a pissy garden store where they seemed a bit pissed that people brought their cheap plants. he said to watch out for the frosts!!!

Miracle Plant December 2012

In the second mild winter it seems to be taking quite a nice shape.

Miracle Plant February 2012

This has to be the first winter that this plant has survived. Maybe now i'll be able to figure out what it is.

Miracle Plant November 2011

This plant is doing quite well as of November 2011. I think it would have been a lot larger if it had not have been covered in weeds for the growing season. Im praying that theres no frost over Xmas as it woul dbe great to see this establish itself, especially after so many ardous years.

Miracle Plant August 2011

You cant se it in this photo as its currently only 6 inches tall and burried under HEAVY weedage. I'll get a proper photo later as i 'redisicovered' it today whilst 'weeding'.