Florida Garden

Dragon Tree

Got this at the garage sale in April 2011 and in August 2011 its doing well.

Dragon Tree February 2012

I have a few of these dotted around the garden now. Just took a picture of one of the ones I planted in Novermber 2011 that I got from the garage sale and planted in the back ornamental shade garden, it seems to be doing pretty well really.

Dragon Tree November 2011

There are actually two of these plants, both in the front. As of November they are both doing OK. I was surprised to discover that they actually grow to be massive trees in their own right, I thought they were just little ornamental shrubs. This might explain why it appeared to grow so quickly?

Dragon Tree

Im getting more into these detail plants. Ive focussed heavily on major movers, trees, palms, massive amounts of Petunia, but now im starting to take an interest in plants that fit into gaps as more decorative pieces like this plant that cost $1. Oddly enough all these $1 garage sale plants are doing really really well, but better than the plants from shops. Maybe thats because they have proven themselves under less than ideal conditions already. Shop plants are often a bit tame and lame in my opinion, too used to the easy life to go the distance in my hardcore jungle garden where only the toughest plants are welcome!!!

I have been looking on the internet and determined that this is probably a Dragon Tree. Apparently these plants can get really big!! I wonder how big it will actually grow?