Florida Garden

Areca Palm

Got this from Home Depot August 2011.

Im hoping it will take to outdoor life as its sold more as an indoor plant but looking at palm sites they seem to say that Areca is a great ornamental palm good for screen which is what I want it for.

Areca Palm August 2013

Im gettig confused between this and some of the other palms, but this appears to be the only Areca palm, but at least its doing really well.

Areca Palm April 2013

These are taking things to the next level as the stems are now thickening up quite nicely.

Areca Palm October 2012

The thing with these palms is that I dont really remember where i put them and they look a bit like Cat Palms. Im sure i'll figure out out eventually. There 3 in total I think, but the one buy the front utility pole is the most memorable. Seems to be holding its own, not dead at least.

Areca Palm

Not sure where im going to put it yet and its still in its pot.

September 2011

Went to wall mart and they had a clearance on palms so I got 2 more Areac Palms. Not sure were they are going to go yet.