Florida Garden

Sago Palm

Got this from Home depot for $6 in August 2011.

Sago Palm - February 2015

Still getting bigger but not gaining much height.

Sago Palm - June 2014

Definatly getting bigger. Looks like it likes its shady position. You can see the new fronds growing. They come out in sets. Its pretty impressive really.

Sago Palm - August 2013

Seems to have sprouted a new set of leaves or fronds. Apparently it sends out a complete new set all at once every now and then, as you can see in the latest photo.

Sago Palm - April 2013

I think this is liking it there. Im confident that this will grow regardless.

Sago Palm - October 2012

Still hanging in there. I dont think theres much risk of this dying, but im not sure its going to do much thats exciting either.

Sago Palm - July 2012

Not sprouting much but it definatly looks healthy like its grown a few fronds. Definatly not struggling, I think it likes the shady spot.

February 2012

Maybe its my imagination but this seems to be really getting bigger or at least a lot fuller. I read that its a slow grower but it looks pretty healthy to me.

Sago Palm

Not really sure where it should go, need to research it a bit first, I dont think it ever really gets that tall.