Florida Garden

Snake Plant

Got this from Home Depot for $1.99 August 2011.

Snake Plant April 2013

Seems to be holding its own but its in no way as prolific as the other snake plant and its not getting very tall.

Snake Plant December 2012

You can make out two new sprouts to the left and right of the main one.

Snake Plant October 2012

Not sure this has grown at all really.

Snake Plant July 2012

I think its clear from the photo that this snake plant hasnt changed a bit since February. I would have hoped for more from such a prolific species.

Snake Plant February 2012

Not a lot of change over winter, but its still alive. Looks like its sprouted a new stalk though.

Snake Plant November 2011

Some reasonable growth here in the elongation of the leaves since August.

Snake Plant

Apparently it likes shade