Florida Garden

Blueberry Plants

I have a leaning for planting anything that promises to feed me. Blueberry Plants seem like an easy option, easy to maintain and gourmet quality blueberries, says the label, how could I resist?

As you'll see from the photos, just like everything in my garden, they have to hold their own with the weeds which you can see in all the backgrounds. Because I actually live in England they can go untended for months at a time.

Blueberry Plants December 2012

I just dont have much luck with this plant, 4 plants and none of them are doing very well at all.

Blueberry Plants July 2012

Not really up to much but I did plant two new ones on the other side of the house.

Blueberry Plants November 2011

Looks like one of these plants has died but the other two are hanging in there even though they dont look too excited.

Blueberry Plants

I planted these in December 2010 im pretty sure. I also think I got them on sale from Home Depot? I cant remember. The Home Depot card says they are Vaccinium 'Blueberry' that require little maintenance and fruits in April/May which is about now!!! Wel, maybe the first year is a bit much to expect a good crop from but you can definatly see some fruit activity in the photos.

They seem to be doing OK but its hard to tell after only 4 months. At least they survived the frost OK.

August 2011

After 4 months they are still there, but they hardly florished through the growth season, swmaped by weeds no doubt, BUT they are now cleared and have water, in fact today there was rain!!! wow, thats a blessing. Took three photos which are below, somewhere. One thing I will say, if you look at the two chimney shots (red chimney to right) the plant has not done much BUT has started a new shoot. This is a common factor across the whole garden with many plants killing all their original foilage and starting again!!!! Its not the growth I was expecting but at least they are still alive.