Florida Garden

Travellers Palm

Got this for $29 August 2011.

I think this is what i had from before but it died and so its in the same spot, but its very much alive now.

Travellers Palm August 2013

Definatly seems to to growing, and by the size of the new leaves id say that it was established as the first leaves were actually quite small. Also, it appears to have a new choot coming from the base. Ive yet to clear the summer weeds but I think that there is a new shoot coming out?

Travellers Palm October 2012

The leaves are shorter than the original ones but I think it must be focussing on developing its roots, I think ive seen this before after just planting a plant, they seem to die off on the surface and often start again with a new stem, or focussing on the roots, but it definalty looks like it has set out a good few new leaves since July. Im hopeful that it will start to rocket next year.

Travellers Palm July 2012

Still alive. Seems to be putting out new leaves but nothing amazing. Probably still finding its roots. Not even been in the ground for a year.

Travellers Palm November 2011

Looking good, already has a new leaf sprouting out.

Travellers Palm

I really like this stuff