Florida Garden

Cabbage Palm

Not sure I have the name right here but this thing grows everywhere. I thought it was a weed but have been letting one grow on th porch side for a while as I like the fans.

Apparently it takes a realy long time to grow which is odd seeing as they grow everwhere as weeds.

Cabbage Palm December 2012

Im becoming more interested in this palm. Its really slow growing and i've been looking out for it in the streets. It creates a real solid armour plate bark, but it seems to take at least 5 years to see that. Whilst this palm or two palms are growing wild of their own accord, they are still heavily shaded so they'll take even longer to grow. Considering that I pray for the other palms i've plants to get this big I should be happy that I have this palm doing it for free.

Cabbage Palm

This one im going to keep, however, im concerned it wont develop a trunk as its in the shade.