Florida Garden

Mulberry Tree

Got a Mulberry Tree today, $50 from Home Depot August 2011.

I sort of fell in love with the idea when I first saw it.

Mulberry Tree September 2014

Cant beleive I paid $50 for it!!! Where did i get that sort of money from. Im definatly not that rich now for some reason. Its definatly still doing well though. Its growing fast but its also lop sided and sort of keeps wanting to fall over and I have to tie the boughs back into a straight position.

Mulberry Tree August 2013

Doing pretty well.

Mulberry Tree April 2013

I actually got to eat quite a bit of fruit off of this tree. I was surprised to find out that I had competition from the birds who also like the berries. They vary from bitter to perfectly cool once ripe. I could eat quite a few at one time. I had a blueberry before but that didnt count as it was on the tree when I brought it, and I had a Jalipino pepper thing but that didnt really count as its not a permanent plant and there was only one. But from now on ever April i'll get Mulberrys to eat, probably more than I need.

Mulberry Tree December 2012

The stem is thickening up. Looks kind of sad in the winter but it hasnt lost all its leaves which might mean its still growing slowly as opposed to completely dormant. I have cut back heavily on the Honeysuckle so hopefully it wont have its airspace so compromised and also wont have so much vine climbing all over it for 2013.

Mulberry Tree October 2012

This is just getting covered in climing weed.

Mulberry Tree February 2012

After what I imagine was a warm winter the Mulberry Tree is really doing well. Its essentially covered in new buds that are literally spruoting leaves overnight. Its totally alive with growth which is a relief as I thought it was struggling in that spot when I first put it there. Obviously the leaves fall off in winter. Two new photos but I dont really know how to use the macro on my new camera so no close ups, but if you look closely you should be able to see the new growth. very exciting really, and just about the only item showing massive resurgence in the garden at all right now.

Mulberry Tree November 2011

Some of the leaves appear to have faded and its hard to spot growth but its still there.