Florida Garden

Adonidia Palm

Replaced the Majesty Palm with an Adonidia Palm.

I chose the one with the most stems, 4 two of which have matured.

Adonidia Palm August 2013

Still there. I guess its growing but its not obvious.

Adonidia Palm April 2013

Its hanging in there.

Adonidia Palm December 2012

Plodding along.

Adonidia Palm February 2012

Plodding along.

Adonidia Palm 2011

Looks to be settling in OK. Its largest stem is already giving way to reveal a new ring plus theres another one in the pipeline. The canopy is really looking rich so im quite happy with this item after only 2 months.

Adonidia Palm

Hopefully this will grow. Hopefully with the more mature stem it will do better through the winter. I always thought this was a good spot because it gets great sun but the base is shaded by the fence. I actually think its a better plant than the Majesty Palm that was there.