Florida Garden

Avacado Tree

Brought this from a shop a few miles South. It was one of those shops where everything was priced more for the middle class market and everything was cheaper in Home Depot, I had to struggle find something to buy and in the end brought this avacado tree.

The tree was planted in September 2010. When I went back in December much of it had died and the top was rotting. It wasnt happy. Its has survived a bad winter and is now active again but the leaves look a little wilted. It might be just a bad position. I have put down some avacado fertiliser so maybe thats helping but the soil and aspect could all be wrong. Im not a fantastic gardener, I just thought as ever, that a 30 foot avacado tree on the corner would look nice. I totally overlooked the fact that it would have to spend quite a few years getting there in which space of time it might die!!!.

Avacado Tree August 2013

Doing well, but im not sure about it splitting up like that. Id preffer it if it just went straight up.

Avacado Tree December 2012

Still hanging in there, looks quite healthy.

Avacado Tree

I have always liked Avacado, but I brought some in september and they gave me serious stomach cramps. I looked it up on Google and found out that they have enzymes that can do that in people. I think it might have been the fruit I was eating as its never happened before or the fact that I ate too many. Either way, it has taken the edge off of looking forward to my first avacados if they are going to make me ill.

The photo on the left is september 2010 which has leaves at the top of the plant and the photo on the right is whats left of it today, all the top has rotted away.

Avacado Tree October 2012

Still there. It definatly looks less tropical than the original one.

Avacado Tree February 2012

This one seems to be really going for it. It has a clear 6 inches of new growth at the top. Must be from a hardier crop. It was grown from seed.

Avacado Tree November 2011

Got a replacement at a garage sale!!! The story of the Avacado tree continues!!!

August 2011

Unfortunatly this died and I dont intend to replace it, they are just to expensive and sensitive.