Florida Garden

Monstera Deliciosa

Got this at a garage sale August 2011.

Added it to the front collection of White Bird of Paradise and Travellors Palm.

Monstera Deliciosa August 2013

Has a new leaf so its not all that bad but its hardly thriving.

Monstera Deliciosa April 2013

Doesnt seem to be doing too well.

Monstera Deliciosa February 2012

Not alot happened over the Xmas period really, but its still alive.

Monstera Deliciosa November 2011

After 2 months in the ground, its doing OK but nothing exciting. Looks a bit shocked if you ask me, maybe it doesnt like it there.

Monstera Deliciosa

I dont know that this was a vine until after its been planted.... Maybe I can still make it work there, I could get a trestle or something.