Florida Garden

Mexican Fan Palm

Went up to the massive Walmart store that has a garden section and thy had palms on clearance at $5.50 each including a Mexican Fan Palm, so I brought it.September 2011.

Mexican Fan Palm April 2013

Seems to be struggling on, not to over crowded.

Mexican Fan Palm October 2012

Its a bit swamped but im hopeful that it will emerge from the weeds. The base doesnt look too good really as its too moist and all the trunk has rotted and fallen away. The new shoots seem ok but the wide base is not holding its own. Hopefully I can cut away all the surrounding weeds and it will dry out over winter when theres less rain.

Mexican Fan Palm February 2012

This is still alive, but the stem is really soft and almost soggy. I hope it dries out a bit.

Mexican Fan Palm November 2011

Looks a bit bored, but its still alive and is sending up a new shoot so I guess all is well.

Mexican Fan Palm

Apparently they are cold hardy and drought resistant as well as being fast growing, what more could I ask for.