Florida Garden


Instead of having a seperate section for each thing I see ive decided to put them all here in this INSECTS section.

Im really impressed with some of the critters ive seen.

Critters August 2013

Seem to have a bunch of giant grasshoppers eating everything. The birds are active at eating the seeds from the feeder.

Critters February 2012

Lots of rain and lots of frogs. I even had one in the car. I didnt know at the time and was on the Freeway when something slivery got me, I jumped and the car went into the other lane, fortunatly no one was in it. It was jumping all over the place and twice landed in my hair!!! Finally got rid of it. No idea how it got in the car, must have jumped in as I was opening the door.

Critters November 2011

There was a mouse in my house. I gave it some bread. Surprisingly there are frogs. Cats of course. Now that im starting to think of critters, im starting to realise that theres loads of things I havnt photographed like the squirrels, lizards and birds for a start.


Quite scary really.