Florida Garden

Snake Plant

Purchased in November 2011 from Home Depot for $2 which was some kind of promo.

Planted it in an odd place in the drive.

Snake Plant August 2013

Im impressed by how prolific this is. Its just started raining but I do have more of these growing in the other part, im going to try and get photos while its still in my mind. The photos are a bit hard to see but in April i stuck some clippings from what the lawnmower person had cut down. I dont think I planted them really, just plonks them on the soil leaning against the wall. However, they appear to have fallen over, you can just about make out the original stems which are actually still alive and green, plus you can see the new shoots they have started. Obviously before I got here they would have been buried in weeds so now that they have light they should shoot up and hopefully become established. I went out again and cleared some of the weeds covering the shots. As you can see, the cuttings themselves from 4 months before are still green and hence still alive. Its Florida, if they were dead they would have rotted and completely vanished.

Snake Plant April 2013

This is pretty wild really. You can see how next doors gardener pruned it a bit.

Snake Plant December 2012

Nearly 1 year on and the snake plant is holding its own and doing well. There is also another one in the very back of the garden, I did chop it up with the lawn mower but it looks like its still alive. I'll have to photograph it. Actually, it looks like its about to flower?

Snake Plant July 2012

This plant has defeinatly sprouted with several new sprouts some inches away from the main plant. Just wondering how prolific this will be.

February 2012

Cant say its really done much. Looks a little fuller but from everything I read about it it hardly seems prolificly invasive. I saw from plants in Home Depot with new shoots and theres none of those present on my plant yet although it has only been there for 3 months.

Snake Plant

Already it seems to have expanded latterally like the pot was constraining it and now its moved outward.