Florida Garden

Ponytail Palm

Brought from Walmart November 2011 for $3.50. - Now have 2 Ponytail Pams.

I initially saw one of these at Home Depot for $50 which was too much as im budgeting on this trip (nov 11) but then I saw this little thing at Walmart and so I had to buy it. Also, my neighbour has one and they do look pretty good although its yet to survive.

Ponytail Palm February 2015

Not a fast grower but still going strong. The big one is still biggish but not much bigger and the small one is still ijust small.

Ponytail Palm August 2013

Both are doing ok, and whatever was eating their tips has stopped.

Ponytail Palm April 2013

I got a new one over Xmas which is now doing well.

Ponytail Palm July 2012

Definatly established and looking OK. I think the challenge is for it to emerge from the weeds. It is otherwise pron to being mown with the mower.

Ponytail Palm February 2012

Its still there.

Ponytail Palm November 2011

Just planted.