Florida Garden

Bleeding Heart

Got this at Walmart November 2011 for $2.

Bleeding Heart August 2013

This has shot up the mesh on the side of the building and has also spread in all other directions. I dont really want it spreading out into the lawn where it will just have to be cut back or among the Mexican Petunias, mainly because its wasted effort. Its growing prolifically, but if it put all its effort upwards it would really be impressive.

Bleeding Heart April 2013

Not so sure about growth, but I have added a plastic coated chicken wire section to the house to encourage it to grow up th side of the house. Doesnt generally seem to be used for climbing but I did see some people get it to climb the height of their house so hopefully I can too.

Bleeding Heart December 2012

Really seems to be going for it.

Bleeding Heart October 2012

Seems to be growing. I tied it back a bit to encourage it to grow up the house.

Bleeding Heart November 2011

Just put it in the ground.