Florida Garden

Seaside Bean

I found these in August 2011 whilst trapsing about at the beach collecting stuff and they all looked like they were trying to root so I took a bunch home and here you can see them 2 months later!!. I have no idea what they are.

They look like they are growing.

Seaside Bean August 2013

Climbing right up into the trees.

Seaside Bean April 2013

These are still growing. i dont seem to have a proper photo but you can see them in the background on the edge of the white shed growing to the top. Im hopeful that they will become established.

Seaside Bean November 2011

I think im going to leave them in the pot and hopefully they'll survive so I can plant them in the spring. Its not so much that I want to protect them over winter but rather allow them time to become strong in their own right. I have figured out from plants I brought at garage sales that potted plants trying to bust out of their pot are actually pretty strong. So much so that I could leave these in their pot for a year until they realy do bust out.