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Mexican Petunias Katies Dwarf

Garden - Mexican Petunias Katies Dwarf

Planted these probably in 2010. Cant remember where I got them but I didnt log them until now because I sort of figured that they would die, however, they are doing pretty well.

Initially I had one each side of the gate but I transplanted one in order to plant the Travellor palm which died and was replaced by the Andolucia Palm.

Mexican Petunias Katies Dwarf July 2012

Considering that I thought these were expendable plants and that one was transplanted almost without care to make way for the Adonidia Palm I think these are doing really well and are almost central items in their own right.

Mexican Petunias Katies Dwarf November 2011

These things are actually pretty strong and holding their own now. They have to be at least in their second year so im pretty excited.