Florida Garden

Agave Angustifolia

Didnt really know what this was and looked for it in the shops for ages but its both rare and expensive, usually in 5 gallon pots. Then I saw some on a verge by a pavement and rooted round at the base and was able to dig up a few shoots which I have potted. 

This is like Blue Agave but its leaves are more erect and its a verigated green.

Agave Angustifolia February 2015

Planted the last two pots in the front garden area. Most of them went there. This plant seems bullet proof which is amazing considering that I got it from cuttings from a wild plant that I found on the pavement in St Pete. they are still small but its clear they are going to have good form and I think dominate their spot, ie not get too bogged down with weeds.

Agave Angustifolia August 2013

This seems fairly robust, especially considering that i got it for free from the side of the road.

Agave Angustifolia April 2013

Seems to be going for it.

Agave Angustifolia October 2012

After the one I planted at the front of the house was mowed over within a few hours by the neighbours gardeners i planted another one a bit further in nearer to the Blue Agave.

Agave Angustifolia July 2012

Wow, these really seem to be taking to their pots. I am a bit afraid to transplant them incase they die, however, I have transplanted one into the gardens hot spot. When I took it out of the pot you could clearly see a very well established root structure already although it was fine root matter, it was already circling the pot, so im hopeful for this. I cant believe that its not more widely available for purchase considering how easy it is to grow. Must say though, it wasn't that easy getting them, I had to dig them out of the ground from a specimen that was in a public place, a sidewalk. its not like you pick Mexican Petunias and pot them, its quite invasive as you have to dig down and hopefully get enough of the root structure. Makes me wonder really as im sure thats all they did with the Blue Agave and that cost me $15 or so. This was free. Hopefully it will explode in that corner and im hoping it will love all the hot sun.

Agave Angustifolia February 2012

One of the nice surprises of the winter was that these plants survived and appear to be coming along nicely with quite a few new shoots.

Agave Angustifolia November 2011

Potted 6 shoots of varying sizes. Im actually confident that they will grow. I dont think they are goinf to be as tough as other plants to propogate. The two larger ones had much more extensive root systems hence the larger pots and they have been strimmed repeatedly, ie cut back, so they are obviously fighters, and I hope that they take root now and grow fast.