Florida Garden

Dusty Miller

All the Dusty Miller plants I first got in 2009 died but I have a replacement to keep the name going in the front ornamental section.

Dusty Miller April 2013

Certainly grown a bit.

Dusty Miller December 2012

Im assuming that all the original plants died off as I cant see any. They were all part of the first planting session 3 years ago or so. However, just to keep the species alive in the garden I planted some more in the front ornamental section. Just a small $1 pot.

Dusty Miller

The main problem was that they were swamped by the weeds. I couldnt see them, they had vanished and so they didnt get any light. However, they seem to have struggled on.

In the photos you can see the challenge they have from weeds. The weeds are just too virulent, although I am planning on putting down some weed killer, its more of a grass fertiliser with weed killer and seeing as 95% of the garden is weed it might have a dramatic effect!!!.

If you look closely at the bottom left photo you can just make out a Dusty Miller plant poking out its silver head, but the others are submerged.

Apparently it can grow up to 2 feet tall.