Florida Garden

Chinese Fan Palm

Brought this from Lowes for $9 in February 2012.

Brought this as I dont have one. Im sort of developing an eye for palms that I dont have or are a little rarer to find. home Depot has an endless supply of Queen and Foxtails, but not much else.

Chinese Fan Palm February 2015

Im surprised its still there. Thats got to be a good sign. Although im sure it shouldn't be a quarter the size that it was when I brought it.

Chinese Fan Palm August 2013


Chinese Fan Palm December 2012

Doesnt like where it is. I think its a bit hot and dry. Maybe once it establishes itself, but from experience it looks like it will probably die. When I got here in November it was pretty poorly, and all I did was water it and its a bit greener, so its not so much the hot position but the lack of rain. Essentially it hasnt rained for over a month.

Chinese Fan Palm July 2012

Still alive. I think it has gone through a bit of a drought and is looking a bit worse for wear, but its still alive and hopefully working on its roots.

Chinese Fan Palm February 2012

Just planted this.