Florida Garden

Confederate Jasmine

I decided I wanted some Confederate Jasmine to climb the shed wall and was going to buy an established plant from Home Depot for $18.95 but then found out they did 1 galon plants for $3.99 or something so I brought that, April 2011.

Confederate Jasmine February 2015

Planted 2 new Confederate Jasmine plants at the new main gate with the idea that they will grow up the trellis frame to create a decorative entrance. The one by the shed seems to be coming along and has gone through an early spring growth spurt.

Confederate Jasmine August 2013

Seems to have taken to the mesh I put on the side of the shed but its still not an overwhelming blanket of vegetation. I saaw a trellis covered in this Confederate Jasmine near the beach and it gets pretty thick and the stems become quite thick too so this has a long way to go.

Confederate Jasmine April 2013

Definatly woken up, not too many shoots, but some new leaves and flowers.

Confederate Jasmine October 2012

Doing well. Like many plants its really just getting itslef started, from here on its really just a case of watching it fill out which im sure it will. Hopefully it will take to the roof as well.

Confederate Jasmine July 2012

Seems to be climbing well. I have shoved some of its shoots behind the pipe to give it a bit more adhesion but I damaged the tip, however, im sure it will recover. The base is quite static, but its already reached the height of the garage.

Confederate Jasmine February 2012

No winter action here, pretty much just as it was in November 2011.

Confederate Jasmine November 2011

This is doing quite well really although its base hasnt changed much. Its actually sending up two shoots along the peice of string and has gone quite a way, maybe over a meter or more. One thing to note, and maybe i'll take a photo, and thats that the stems have definate feelers on them, like regular ivy does, so this is not a plant that relies on entwining, its actually trying to chemically root to surfaces, unfortunatly my string is away from the metal, so maybe i'll force it against the corregated sheet. Then it might actually climb the shed wall naturally, which I wasnt expecting, I thought it was just a twiner that wound its way up. I was sort of told that Confederate Jasmine is really ground cover and you had to train it to grow but I dont think thats the case.

Confederate Jasmine

I understand from what I have read that it is kind of easy to grow and is recommended for first time gardeners so it should work for me. The area around the shed has a problem with a creepy vine that wont go away. Ive cut it back for now but im concerned that when I next come back it will be covered over by the stuff. I have learnt a lesson that its actually better to spend more on established stuff and have it survive than waste money on 1 year old plants and watch them die, but obviously im too stupid to remember. I am hoping that it will just grow and do me proud, even if it is in a heavily shaded area, once it gets to the top of the shed roof it can have as much sun as it wants!!!

In the April 2011 photo above you can actually see a leaf of the invasive climber that I was reffering to.

August 2011

The plant hasnt done much but it has put out a runner that I have now tied up to a bit of string.