Florida Garden

Fig Tree

I was in Home Depot looking at stuff and I saw that they had Fig Trees for sale in little pots. They were part of a series of specials, others included raspberry, blueberry etc. They were $8.95 and were about 4-5 inches tall. Then, in the tree section I saw this entire 5 foot tall tree for $14.98!!! I decided to buy the big one. Its worth noting that I had gone in there for an Apple Tree for this place but figured that a Fig Tree was maybe more interesting.

I have never had a fig so im curious. The thing that put me off the Apple Tree was that the tag said WATER EVERY DAY!!! The tag on the fig tree says water weekly during dry spells!!! Sounds like a winner to me. Its not as hardy though, only -1C whilst the Apple Tree was -50C or something riduculous!!!..

Fig Tree - Brown Tirkey April 2018

At least its a big leafier now.

Fig Tree - Brown Tirkey April 2013

Not exactly leafy, but its not too dead.

Fig Tree - Brown Tirkey February 2012

Seems to have lost its leaves over winter but it looks like it has spring buds on it.

Fig Tree - Brown Tirkey

Not mush to say really. I planted it yesterday, so thats April 2011. It does have a 1 year garantee on it from Home Depot, (I did actually take the remains of the Coconut Palm back WITH THE RECIEPT that I brought in August and they gave me a store credit!!! So im going to pay more attention to these guarantees in case it dies. I have just noted from the tag that it says drought Resistant, so thats good, but it also sayd DEER RESISTANT!!! Really? Do you get many wild deer roaming peoples backyards in Florida? Anywhere? Nice to know, obviously, in case my town becomes infested with deer or anything.

Seeing as I only planted it yesterday its going to be a while before I update progress on this thing.