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Coconut Palm

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I brought a Coconut Palm in August 2010 but it died, however, I actually got my money back (credit note) from Home Depot and replaced it!!

The Coconut Palm did OK actually and was flourishing in September and looked healthy in December/January but when I got here in April 2011 it was fully dead. The stem was dried through and it just fell away from the base, I didnt even have to pull. I should have taken a picture of the husk as it was interesting, the root just came straight out the bottom and it was quite a size.

Coconut Palm October 2012

Still struggling.

Coconut Palm July 2012

Considering how tall they are supposed to get im not too impressed with the effort from this palm.

Coconut Palm February 2012

Not much to report over the winter, a little more jaded, little else. At least there was no surprise frost.

Coconut Palm November 2011

The new Coconut Palm is doing OK, but I lost the last one to the winter I think so im praying that this winter is mild enough for it. I think its position is a little less exposed as well.

Coconut Palm

The new one hasnt even been planted yet. I had to get one, theres just something really exciting about having a coconut palm in my garden.

Hopefully the new coconut palm will survive. The two top photos are the new coconut pal and the bottom three are the old one in August, September and December/January 2010/1.