Florida Garden

English Walnut

Planted this in December 2010 from Willis Orchard Company. It was only $5.95.

Obviously it survived being posted, planted and the frost and is happily sprouting green bits.

English Walnut August 2013

Seems to have broken the critical height for competing against the weeds and is looking pretty healthy. this is pretty much the only tree that survived from the initial bunch of nut trees that I brought.

November 2011

This is puttin gup quite a fight and is looking like it will 'emerge' from the undergrowth. Its amazing that I couldnt find this, I was being really careful trimming back the vegetation, and I thought it might have died.

English Walnut

Apparently this is a rapid grower, growing 3 feet a year, and pretty hardy, so this should be fun.

These little trees are like little gems as eventually the garden will be all about them, whilst currently, its all about the Mexiacan Petunias.