Florida Garden

Sea Grape

Got this enourmous plant from the local independent garden store that I often go to and the first thing it did, as with many of my plants was die, well, it suffered heavily in the 2010 frost.

Sea Grape February 2015

The Sea Grape is now pretty tall with several well established stems.

Sea Grape August 2013

This is really starting to hold its own.

Sea Grape April 2013

Seems to be established now and is probably near the size it was when I first brought it, only its firmer in the ground and will probably sprout a bit more in the summer 2013. Lots of nice new shoots/buds.

Sea Grape October 2012

Still nothing like its original size. But its competing again. One problem is that much of the plant was damaged in the 2010 frost but the new growth is sprouting from damaged stem. This means that the new growth is at risk because the downstem structure is a bit rotten. what it needs to do is sprout a strong fresh stem that all new growth comes from. as ever, im half aware that replacing the whole plant might be easier. Its still smaller than when I brought it.

Sea Grape July 2012

Still nothing like its original size. The largest stem is also actually fairly well rotten. Im hopeful that the rest will grow. Its being a bit crowded in ther too.

Sea Grape February 2012

At least it didnt die in the winter. Its definatly only a fraction of the size it was when I brought it.

Sea Grape

I had tried to take cuttings off of Sea Grape plants I saw at the coast but they didnt root so in the end I brought this for about $7.

The latin for Sea Grape is Coccoloba uvifera. Apparently it seeds in late summer.