Florida Garden

Bottle Palm

I got this palm for about $10 in December 2010 from Home Depot. They seemed to be selling of lots of stuff cheap in winter, maybe because of the frost?

Either way, I got one and stuck it there, fortunatly its still alive and looking healthy as of April 2011.

Green Plants August 2013

Getting buried beneath Mexican Petunias and the bamboo.

Green Plants April 2013

Looking good. Its a bit dwarfed by all the Mexican Petunias and the threat of the bamboo but its still a significant size.

Green Plants October 2012

Still there plodding along. Definatly growing.

Green Plants July 2012

Still there plodding along. I think that its a slow grower, but its hard to judge the rate of groth from the photos.

Bottle Palm November 2011

Considering that I only got this 11 months ago I think its coming on really well, and actually increasing in height nicely.

Bottle Palm

The label, which I just cut off says Hyophorbe Lagenicaulis.

This is an odd plant really as I had sort of always wanted one as id seen them elsewhere, but when I brought it it was just because it was cheap and I had brought so much stuff around that time I have never really taken the time to consider this plant too much. Most plants I at least Google and such, mmm, maybe a quick Google now.

August 2011

This palm is starting to grow on me. It survived the winter and has grown 2-3 prongs or branches. I think if you look at the photos they demonstrate growth. I often say 'A Watched Garden Never Grows' which is why I like leaving it for 1-4 months!!!! But the photos help to spot growth and this has definatly grown which when stuff around is dying is a bonus. It has interesting leaves as well, and photographs easily.