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Majesty Palm

Garden - Majesty Palm

Got this really cheap from Home Depot in December 2010.

Apparently its a fast grower? You can see it has some frost damage to the leaves where it was singed but it at least survived.

Majesty Palm

Apparently it needs a lot of fertiliser which im not going to be very good at so fingers crossed.

This tree is positioned to screen the backyard to some extent.

August 2011

Doesnt look promising, the base is rotting, which might not be too bad as now I have cut all the overgrowth back it might dry out, but we have had 4 days of rain with another 9+ days forcast!!! fingers crossed it drys out.....

Well, I finally gave up on it and upon further inspection it was fully rotten and I have dug it up and replaced it with an Adoninia Palm. I had a hard time getting a refund from Home Depot as my reciepts didnt match up and I think they thought I was a bit dodgy. In fact they refused saying I would have to come back with the right reciept, which was a bit inconvenient so I just went to the next Home Depot and tried to get a refund and they were ok about it. Facts are facts, I brought it from Home Depot, it had a guarantee and its all legitimate. The problem is that they dont detail their reciepts, all of them say 3g Palm which means 3 gallon palm, and in this case it was a coconut. But it doesnt say coconut, it just says 3g Palm and a bunch of numbers so I couldnt figure out what was what. It really pissed me off because I felt like I must have been trying to rip them off. I hate that when they advertise stuff like a 1 year gaurantee and then bust your calls over claiming it. I have a draw for all reciepts but they dont all end up in there as im not too well organised, im on holiday. Anyway, I got my $18 back and put that towards a massive 7 gallon Andonidia Palm which was at $40 so I paid an extra $22 for a more mature plant. I kind of liked the Majesty Palm and its another example of how plants come and go, I mean in places like Home Depot. They didnt have Majesty Palms. And ive seen it quite a bit and have a nose for the more unusual stuff which they do stock from time to time.

Oh well. I think if I see another cheap Majesty Pal then i'll get it, if...

September 2011

Went to Walmart where they had a clearance on some palms so I got myself TWO majesty palms!!! They were only $5.50 each so im pretty happy about that really. I thought I would never see majesty palms again in the shops let alone at great prices. I planted one at the back amongst the Cat Palms and one at the front amongst no fewer than 17 palms!!! Ive gone bonkers really planting that many but im like that. The Majesty Palm at the from is to the right of the Triangle Palm which is in the center.