Florida Garden

Variegated Pink Lemon

The Verigated Pink Lemon, which is what it says on the label, was planted in August 2010 along with every other type of citrus the guy had.

It didnt like the drought that followed combined with being covered in weeds and dropped most of its leaves.

Verigated Pink Lemon February 2015

this is struggling a bit as I think its being over crowded by the Mexican Petunias but I think I cut them all back far enough to give a head start into 2015.

Verigated Pink Lemon August 2013

Its doing OK but I think it was being a bit crowded out so I have just back all the Mexican Petunias that were crowding it. Itr does look like its got some newer growth, but not in the area I would preffer.

Verigated Pink Lemon April 2013

Hopefully this season it will become established and start to dominate its spot.

Verigated Pink Lemon October 2012

Still there.

Verigated Pink Lemon July 2012

Not much to shout about really, seems to have sent up a strong stem but not as exciting as the Meyers Lemon. Maybe its a bit too crowded for it? Or maybe theres not enough sun?.

Verigated Pink Lemon February 2012

Pretty much as big as it was, no massive growth signs.

Verigated Pink Lemon

It looks a bit lost right now, I guess I can only wait until it looks a bit more tree shaped. It does look like it has some fruit on it though?

Im quite looking forward to lemon juice. The Verigated Pink Lemon should be amongst the group photo somewhere. In the photo to the right taken April 2011 you can just about make out above the discarded paper towel a young fruit? Is it? How exciting!!!

August 2011

To be honest, its hard to imagine that this has only been in the ground for 1 year, it feels like forever so I shouldnt expect too much, but its definatly doing OK.