Florida Garden

Meyers Lemon

Planted this in August 2010 from the local independent garden store. First thing it did was loose all its leaves.

Meyers Lemon April 2013

Still doing well. Has a small fruit starting to grow. Getting so big that it could well do with a trim.

Meyers Lemon July 2012

Definatly a winner. Mainly because of its position I guess but considering its just two years in the ground im very happy with its rate of growth. Essentially its truly massive.

Meyers Lemon february 2012

This is getting quite nice and big now.

Meyers Lemon November 2011

This is really starting to take chape and begining to dominate its location. I think the first year it struggled because it was just establishing its self from the shock of being planted, but thats all over now and its got plenty of new foilage and has new shoots giving it increased and denser mass.

Meyers Lemon

Apparently it fruits all round the year, but with the majority of the harvest ready for Winter.

I think my Meyers Lemon tree is struggling a bit, but im ever optimistic. There does look to be a fruit on it at the very top right of the photo which was taken in April 2011.

August 2011

After the bad start where its leaves all curled up and fell off its really doing well now, as you can see from the photos, there lots of fresh rich dense foilage and new branches. Its was really thin and scrawny before from where it was doing god knows what but it looked like it was trying to esape, long thin leafless branches. I think next year this will maybe start to become a more dominant feature in this part of the garden and might hold back some of the weeds.