Florida Garden

Pineapple Plants

I think I planted the first pineapple plant in August 2010. I got it from Home Depot and it already had a fruit growing up from it. When I got back the fruit had fallen over and is now a plant of its own.

I have yet to successfully plant a pineapple head from a supermarket pineapple but you can see me trying in the photo, to the right.

Pineapple Plants February 2015

The pineapples are getting really big again. Its a veritable riot in the pineapple patch. Im very impressed. I might even extent them to take over other parts of the garden.

Pineapple Plants June 2014

The pineapples are getting really big. Hopefully they'll still be there when I get back and I can grow even more pineapples. Theres at least two pineapples at the moment. I might start propogating them elsewhere, they're so much fun!!

Pineapple Plants April 2014

They are doing well. I really do think they are having a party there. Ive never seen so many pineapple plants having such a good time together.

Pineapple Plants August 2013

I actually have a pretty amazing pineapple patch now. I cant quite decide if one has died back and been eaten or the other has grown super huge. I think the central one just continued to grow whilst the one nearer the path had a fruit which meant its big fronds fell down making it look much smaller now? Either wat, the one nearest the step has now got multiple stems and about 5 crowns or tips whatever you call them, and a few others also have multiple stems, so its pretty exciting. Also, theres a new one, its hard to point out, but it was just a top, I just put it there without even burying it much, I just cleared a bit of dirt and was wondering if it had rooted. well, whether or not it has rooted, its definatly put out a new stem of its own, along with the old top that I just picked up from the path where it had fallen from its fruit. So all in all the pineapples are super active. I always think of them as a riot of pineapples like they were rioting and demanding pineapply things. I dont think we have to leave much more to the imagination after this set of photos.

Pineapple Plants April 2013

There are now 7 Pineapple plants. Two heads mysteriously appeared? Not to mention the two new fruits which will probably be new plants AND the stems/shoots being sent out by one of them. Very exciting times in the Pineapple garden.

Pineapple Plants October 2012

All FIVE pineapple plants doing well. they seem to hold their own amongst the weeds and are thiving in my opinion in that location which isnt exactly sunny. It does get quite wet there too because of the roof and the water tap that leaks when the water is on and I have a hose attached. 2 new plants added. They were on sale at Walmart.

Pineapple Plants July 2012

No pineapples yet, buts its pretty massive now. I did actually buy a third pineapple plant but theres no photo yet.

Pineapple Plants February 2012

Seem to have filled out quite nicely over Xmas, or at least they look pretty healthy.

Pineapple Plants November 2011

Not too much going on here, no fruit or new stems, but they still seem quite content and strong.

Pineapple Plants

I really like Bromelaids. I first became fascinated by them when I went to the Sunken Gardens in St Petersburg. They had tons of pineapple plants and there wasnt a pineapple to be seen. I was amazed by how they collect water directly into their heart and also how they reproduce. Im hoping to turn much of this area into a pineapple field.

They look a bit subdued but thats because its early in the year, from memory they really lift up out of the ground and clear all the weed.

August 2011

The two plants are doing really well at the moment despite being burried beneath a fallen tree.