Florida Garden

Cardboard Palm

This plant was a gift from a neighbour. I thought it was dying because it had lost alot of its leaves but it has sprung back. Planted around 2010.

The first photo is the one I took at the start of the April holiday and the others are the ones I took in May. I was astonished to see three new stems coming out and thought they were all new, but I had just missed them in the first photo.

Cardboard Palms April 2013

Looking pretty well established

Cardboard Palms October 2012

The July 2012 and October 2012 photos look exactly the same. It seems to have taken but isnt really exploding with new stems or anything.

Cardboard Palms

These palms can grow to be quite a size and are OK for shaded areas.

Apparently they are piosonous.