Florida Garden


I brought two lots of lavender, one for the back gate and the other for the front of the house near the cable access point. Lavender was planted April 2011.

Its only small lavender plants, I did that because from my experience it will grow to be huge!!! Lets wait and see.

Lavender December 2012

Dead again.

Lavender November 2011

Unfortunatly the new lot has all died too. I dont seem to have much luck with Lavender.


Other than smelling good Lavender is in theory quite predictable and so im hoping it will grow to quite a size in both its current locations. I have yet to plant the lavender plant in the front garden.

Not that I have ever really been convinced that you can do anything with lavender. They say you can make tea out of it? But its not simple like picking a berry from a tree and eating it.

August 2011

Well, after 4 months both specimens had dies, but fear not I brought some more!!! lol, its bigger stuff as well... Im pretty sure that if I can get this to get a start it will be quite resiliant. I have some in England it its crazy, you cant stop it. I like the smell.