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White Bird Of Paradise

Bit of a complicated story, I might have 1 or 3 of this plant. Maybe you can decide?

The photos below show their progress.

White Bird Of Paradise August 2013

Seems to be plodding along nicely.

White Bird Of Paradise April 2013

Didnt seem to get any pictures of these, just an indirect shot. They seem to be surviving but not exactly flourishing. i thought they looked like they were struggling.

White Bird Of Paradise November 2011

These are doing OK, but nothing special. Im assuming they are active but theres nothing amazing happening. Cant decide if they are getting too much sunshine or not enough water>

White Bird Of Paradise

In August 2010 I was cycling around Anna Marie Island, IN A THUNDER STORM, d'oh, and I saw this massive pice of plant that was in someones trash, so I picked it up and put it in my car. When I got back I stuck it in the ground and hoped for the best. Well, most of the foilage held its ground, and in December 2010 it was looking a bit like a lost cause so I brought two baby ones from the garden center but I wasnt sure they were actually the same plant? Anyway, as of typing its April 2011 and it has actually sprouted a very clear new leaf. Its totally amazing as im not much good at gardening, and figured that it had just died. Im hoping that because it was already a big plant that it will grow big straight from the outset. Hopefully you can see the new growth, its quite exciting really because I found that plant as a 'cutting' and just stuck it in the ground and left it.

August 2011

OK, the sample I found at Anna Marie Island died and I replaced it with a Traveller Palm, see seperate section.

As of August 2011 the remaining two plants are doing ok, nothing too exciting, but they are still there and look mosestly happy.