Florida Garden

Mystery Palms

Im pretty sure I know what this palm is as I got the seeds from a tree in town and planted them in pots, however, I dont have the name immediatly to reference. The seeds were like big yellow acorns and the trunk was like a knurled bar.

This is one of the most exciting plants I have. I have spent quite a bit of money on this garden, (not a lot by big boy standards though) and I like to get seeds and cuttings when im out and about. I have collected loads, so I might have to wait and see what these are.

Mystery Palms December 2012

Its still alive which is bizarre.

Mystery Palms February 2012

Still there for the new year but hardly much bigger. Presumably its working on its roots.

Mystery Palms November 2011

I think these are Date Palms and they are still there. Fingers crossed they get through the winter. Its just interesting watching them grow from scratch as they dont really look like palms, they look like corns or some type of grass. I think they might be growing slower than they would in a nursury, But I always thought that palms you buy in the shops in say 1g pots were actually 1 year old, now im thinking that they must be at least two years old or maybe even three years old?

Mystery Palms

I potted the seeds in September and when I came back in December they had sprouted so I planted them. I thought they would die back in the frost but they are sill going strong as are all the others I surrounded the seed by. I thik it will be a major victory if it grows into what it should be.

Not much to say, this photo is from April 2011, so fingers crossed!! Note in the background you can see Mexican Petunia cuttings that I put in a day or two before.