Florida Garden


Brought this in December 2010 I think, I cant remember. I remember it was cold, I think, but it might have been August 2010 and it was raining? Either way, it was on sale as it was a bit tired, but it was in a 3 gallon pot and for about $2-3 I figured it was a bargain. Of course, as soon as I planted it it died off.

What you see below is whats left of it in April 2011.

Peregrina August 2013

Still there. But it has a bit of bark exposed. Im hoping that it will heal over, but things like that can be quite fatal no matter what the plant tries to do otherwise.

Peregrina April 2013

Still there. Not much further and it will be more than just a remenant of the plant it was. Quite hopeful for its recovery considering the progress made from quite a difficult position.

Peregrina July 2012

Its definatly hanging in there. I hope it actually becomes something that get covered in weeds each summer.


It says on the label 'Prune To Desired Shape', lol.

You probably cant make it out but it originally had 6 or more healthy stems. I think another fact in its demise is being trodden on my kids.

August 2011

Still alive, and I think thanks to being staked has grown a bit more. Its still a good 11 feet off of its full height. The label says that its a greate privacy screen. It also says that it attracts hummingbirds and butterflies and that it blooms Spreing to Fall. Lol. I dont know why I bother really as I could easily buy a bigger one, its just theres this determination to get the plants I buy to grow and do what they were supposed to, the issue of time is not forefront in my mind unfortunatly.