Florida Garden


After driving around for a bit in April 2011 I kept seeing this amazing tree with scintillating dayglow purple flowers and after asking around a bit deterimed that it was a Jacaranda. I looked for it but couldnt find it so opted to buy it online.

It cost $19.95, and typically soon after I saw larger specimens for $25 in local shops and then even larger ones for $39 and then loads in a Home Depot store!!! Oh well. Mine is cute and didnt take too long to dig the whole.

Jacaranda August 2013

Definatly still growing but in 3 stems and seems a bit unruly.

Jacaranda April 2013

Was expecting it to be blossoming but it was either too early or its still too young to bloom. When I was there other Jacarandas were begining to bloom but only towards the end of my stay so maybe I was too early, but they seem to bloom either immediatly before or whilst new spring shoots come out. The time to watch for the electric blue blossom as I think of it is during late April.

Jacaranda October 2012

Although its sending up lots of little stems which is a bit annoying its doing really well, and more noticably the stem is really thick. The base of the stem is easily an inch diameter. This is quite pleasing really because its definatly taking to its new position and as a shape its already quite significant, definatly one to compare to earlier photos.

Jacaranda July 2012

Its definatly getting busier, but its sent up a brand new shoot as tall as the originals so now it has 3 main stems and hasnt gained any height. Im not so fussed as at least its still alive and florishing. Considering its only been there for just over a year I guess im happy. It is already looking to be a dominant plant and once it grows tall and starts looking like a tree I imagine that it should proove a central peice. At least it likes the semi hot and exposed aspect.

Jacaranda February 2012

Looks a bit manky really. I think they bloom in April time which im looking forward to.

Jacaranda November 2011

Appears to be doing OK.

August 2011

Considering where its located the Jacaranda is doing realy well, fortunatly, what with it being a bit of a favorite.


To be honest I quite like mine, it looks pretty healthy and hopefully it will survive. Thhey are noted as fast growers.

I put it in the front so that everyone can marvel at the spring fireworks!!!