Florida Garden

Surinam Cherry

Planted in April 2011. Brought from local garden center.

Just read that it can get up to 25 feet tall!!!.

Surinam Cherry August 2013

I think we can finally say that this is now established. Its very full and growing in all directions.

Surinam Cherry April 2013

Seems to be filing out. I think the first year it was sort of resettling its roots. However, its a far cry from being 12 feet tall, and its not any bigger than it was when I first got it.

Surinam Cherry October 2012

Doesnt look too excited about being in my garden at all.

Surinam Cherry July 2012

This is only just surviving really. But hopefully after being in the ground for a year now its roots are settled and it will begin to flourish.

August 2011

Didnt notice at first but the leaves all look smaller. Then later I was reading about plants and what they do when they lack water and especially when they loose all their foilage and I read that as a stress responce they grow new smaller leaves just to get the photosynthesis working again. Thats what they do with bonai as well. I didnt notice at first but all the leaves are small PLUS they have bite marks taken out of them. I noticed the bite marks but seeing as the whole plant was there I didnt think it was extreme, but maybe in the 4 months I was gone the whole thing was defoilated? Anyway, now its growing proper full sized leaves which you can see in the photos. Interesting really. Also I read that when plants lack water they prioritise root growth which is pretty good as id rather strong root growth, ie better developed base because that should make it more resilient in general including through the winter.