Florida Garden

Valencia Orange

Planted this in June 2010, I thought it was much longer ago.

Between June 2010 and August 2010 it lost loads of leaves, presumably from drought.

Valencia Orange August 2013

Seems a bit tired but  it has fruit on it.

Valencia Orange April 2013

This was the first non functional plant I got and seemed expensive at the time. I keep looking out for similar size specimens in the shops because they cost $150 for one thats maybe a bit older than my one is at the moment. I think watching them grow is more fun that just getting them already mature although the mature ones dont seem to die as quickly. I think it has scale which is attracting ants and the ants leave black stuff. I strayed it with an oil of somesort which is designed to get rid of the scale and thus the ants. The black stuff just washed off.

Valencia Orange February 2012

Seems to have filled out nicely. I tried to uncover the roots, no photo yet, but they seem healthy enough, no obvious girdling. The stem is now exceptionally thick. I remember seeing one for sale at about $100-200 and it had a thick stem, obviously a few years old, now mine is reaching that stage, all you have to do is wait years.

Valencia Orange

In the space of 1 year though I think it has come along quite well, and the trunk has woodied up quite a bit. The photos are in order. The first one is June 2010 when it was planted, the second one was August 2010 when it had lost loads of leaves. The first one is August 2010 after planting a few more. And the fourth photo is April 2011, note how bushier it is. Its stem is getting thicker too.

No sign of Oranges, but as long as its alive I think i'll be happy, at least for a year or so. I keep looking at the 3 year plus plants in Home Depot that have price tags like $150 and always think about the benefits of waiting for the tree to get that large naturally Cant remember how much it was but I think it was about $40-60?? I just cant remember. It was my first citrus and little did I know then, less than a year ago that I would go mad buying plants and stuff, wow!!.