Florida Garden

Guava Tree

This tree is now officially dead and dug up July 2012.

Planted in April 2011. Brought from local garden center.

This is a tropical tree but unlike the Mango or Avacado, it doesnt look very tropical. Apparently they can start producing fruit pretty much straight away.

Guava Tree February 2012

This is just about dead. Looks like it might be hanging in there but I dont think it will make the summer.

Guava Tree

See what happens.

Im looking forward to eating some Guavas. The leaves were a bit manky like that in the garden center, i think it had been there for a while but it is already putting out green shoots.

August 2011

This tree is really struggling. Hopefully it will make it through the first season but it cant seem to go a day without all the leaves lilting. You can see theres a lot of dead foilage which I think was due to the initial planting and maybe some drought, but there is new growth, however, its tempermental. I read elaswhere that the Guava Tree was drought resistant but maybe its just a bit too early for that yet. Im not convinced that its going to last to be honest, but im ever hopeful.