Florida Garden

General Palms

These are unknown general palms that the dude at the garden shop sold me in Dec 2008 and were the first things I ever brought.

I had no idea that I was going to get so interested in growing things. I only brought them to screen the back fence. Two things I didnt realise, first, that palms were not good for screening and were not ideal for sheltered shaded areas, and two, that the general vegetation would evolve naturally to do that task on its own.

General Palms April 2018

They are getting quite big now.

General Palms April 2013

They are getting quite big now but nothing to describe as screening material. At some point they might emerge out of the 'canopy' and get some real light but they would have to get really tall for that.

General Palms November 2011

The more I look at these, the more I think they are Queen Palms. They are definatly getting bigger. Its slow work, especially considering their position, but I think that as they get bigger the biomass they put out will be exponential and they will really start to perform, or at least not be 1g palms.

General Palms

The pictures below show 3 plants, each spaced along the back fence. I have a fondness for them as they were my first plants, and also because they are probably overjoyed that I planted them inside a dense hedgerow from which there is no escape. See for yourself.

Amazingly they have survived and florished. The biggest challenge has been removing binding vines that almost strangulate them. Each trip I have to unravell vine weed from them. When I get the April 2011 photos up I might sort the order out a bit more. Essentially they are growing very slowly because of their position but they are definatly growing.