Florida Garden

Blue Agave

I sort of wanted one that was really big but they are pretty expensive so I brought a cheap one, as you can see.

The woman in the shop said it would survive everything. I planted it in April 2011.

Blue Agave February 2015

Still plodding along. The woman in the plant shop said it would grow quickly. Just goes to show that they can lie if they want as it takes years to figure it out.

Blue Agave August 2013

Slow progress but it has apparently sprouted about a meter away. I dont recall planting the new sprout there, also it has the remains of another sprout close too it. But what amazes me is whether it did sprout over 1 meter away as you might see from the photo? If it did that means it spent a lot of energy getting over there which might explain its lack luster growth otherwise.

Blue Agave April 2013

Doesnt seem to be getting any bigger at all.

Blue Agave July 2012

Still there. It has a little pal now to the side although im not sure its much bigger, nothing dramatic anyhow.

Blue Agave February 2012

This little guy is really holding his own, im sure hes put out another shoot over the Xmas period.

Blue Agave November 2011

Wow, I didnt realise how fast this would grow. I was a bit reluctant to pay the high price tag but this thing has not only NOT DIED but its growing beyond my expectations. I dont know what I was expecting but each time I visit it has visibly more fronds, and this time I noted that it has sprouted a new pal, so obviously im onto a winner here. 3 new photos. When I planted it it had 5 fronds, then in August it had 7 and now it has 9 and a new pal. There is an extra photo here that shows its general location. I was unsure that it was good to plant it there as it was in the middle of nowhere but I figured that in 5 years time it would be a landmark feature and I think I was right. I actually thought being so small that it would get crowded out by weeds etc. Also I added an additional photo that shows that the new shoot actually has another little one right inside it so thats the newxt one already on the way.

Blue Agave August 2011

Its still there and it looks like its doing ok. Its the hottest part of the garden and the soil is generally heavily bleached and dry.