Florida Garden

Roebelinii Palms

Have been trying to grow these since 2010 with limited success.

Roebelinii Palms December 2012

There are technically 5 of these in the garden now. Interestingly the 3 strongest are from the little pots that were quite cheap. The massive one has sort of died off but is still struggling onwards and one of the very first ones I planted two years ago in the frost of 2010 is still alive even though its been mown over with the lawnmower.

Roebelinii Palms February 2012

Not really looked at most of them but the one in the front ornamental area seems to have come along quite well. I totally cheated and brought a 7 gallon plant for $19 from Home Depot. Fits in quite well.

Roebelinii Palms November 2011

I now have loads of these and in general they are doing OK. What got the first batch was the winter frost.

Roebelinii Palms

These are along one of the boundries and the idea was they would form a sort of hedge. They were also cheap.

August 2011

Theres virtually nothing left of these. I'll take some photos soon though. They actually seem quite popular arounf my area but I guess they just have to get established. It didnt help that they were covered in weeds, I really had to dig down to find them and they were all moist from being so far down in the undergrowth. Fingers crossed.

September 2011

Went to Walmart where they had a massive sale on plants and got 5 tiny 1 gallon Roebelinii Palms. They were only $2 each. The label said 50% off so I guess they were only $4 to start with but ive never seen them in 1 gallon tops before. I brought 5 seeing as my current ones need as much help as they can get.