Florida Garden

Foxtail Palms

I have 4 Foxtail Palms, I did have more but many of them died, especially the smaller ones.

Foxtail Palms August 2013

My number 1 Foxtail seems to be being overtaken by one of the smaller items that I planted near to the side gate fance. The one of the very front corner was like $50 and the others were $15 or something so I got 3 at that time. Its both taller and the base is really thick. It just doesnt have the same number of clear rings that the older one has.

Foxtail Palms April 2013

These are doing OK. I didnt take any photos of the one that seems to be doing best. I got the one in the front corner but its not the tallest. There are 4 left in total now.

Foxtail Palms October 2012

Just did a head count and all 4 items are still in place, but they are pretty slow. the main one has a 1.5 inch base now at a guess, then the two cheaper ones have almost caught up, at least in height with one being quite taller. The little tiny one in the back actually looks pretty healthy now considering I half expected it to die.

Foxtail Palms February 2012

Foxtail Palm Tress are doing OK. The main 'specimen' Foxtail in the fron cost $50 and now looks decidedly short in comparison to the next two that cost $19 each or so. the specimen has a much fatter stem but just doesnt seem to be growing much, especially in height. Maybe its position is more challenging? Its the hottest part of the garden, but at least it has a new shoot out.

Foxtail Palms

Foxtail Palm Tress are petty cheap and I have brought a few, mmm, around 6 at least that are scattered around. One of them was a pretty big one that cost $50 or so. I'll upload some pictures below which should help.