Florida Garden

Honey Suckle

Actually, this is another plant that I have two lots of, and I cant remember its name but im sure I have it somewhere at the house.

Its a really fast grower.

Honey Suckle December 2012

I really hacked this back so that it was on the other side of the fence and one of the draw backs was that its not very strong in the root area. Now that its freed from its anchor to the fence its swayed in the high wiind right awat from the fence which is odd. Its so large it could well snap at the base and be completley removed. I doubt that will happen but I didnt realise it was so flimsy.

Honey Suckle November 2011

Cant be stressed enough what a fast grower this is, perfect for blocking areas out. It sends out runners that send up shoots, and they then really thicken up, just look at the photos!!! Ive taken a photo of the back of the house which I expect soon to be totally covered.

Honey Suckle

The original Honey Suckle was planted along with two other plants that died right near the begining. In fact I think they were the first plants after the 3 palms that I planted and they sort of started it all really as they were just there to add screening for the lightweight fence that I put up but as you can see, its now pretty massive!!! This plant truly grows fast. It also roots prolificly by branching along the ground.

August 2011

I must have planted this in mid 2009 which means that its had 3 summers and as you can see, its massive and its sending shoots everywhere!!! When I spend so much time trying to get anything out of most plants its nice to see something as veracious as this. Im having to chop of more biomass that 10's of other plants have even created total. This was a perfect choice for this spot as it gives complete cover, I only wish I had know earlier I could have used this instead of Mexiac Petunias to screen the neigbours, it would be done by now!!!