Florida Garden

Apple Tree

My apple tre that I got from Home Depot. (about April 2011)

Planted in a cooler part of the garden plus an area that wont get too much frost.

Apple Tree December 2012

After watering it a lot and digging back the mulch volcano to the crown it seems to have sprung to life, at least there are new shoots.

Apple Tree October 2012

Still hasnt done anything at all really but the bark seems a little better, i'll photo it later. However, theres no groth apart from one or two tiny splurts which is nothing for over 1 year.

Apple Tree November 2011

Not doing too well at all. I dont think it was doing too well anyway, but a cat has sharpened its claws on the bark and im not sure if it will survive that. I taped a bit of plastic bag around it to protect it.

Apple Tree

Hopefully this will still be alive when I next get there