Florida Garden

Centenial Kumquat

Got this on a whim from Home Depot, it was on its own in the cheap citrus section.

Centenial Kumquat April 2013

Looks like it might be on the verge of becoming well established. Its definatly bigger than it was when I brought it which is a miracle in its own right really.

Centenial Kumquat December 2012

Its slowly growing but it might have been buried a bit deep. I removed an inch or more of mulch to reveal the roots as I think it might have suffered from a damp crown.

Centenial Kumquat October 2012

Still too small to not get swamped by weeds.

Centenial Kumquat July 2012

Hilding its own, no major activity but a little growth.

Centenial Kumquat February 2012

Seems to have grown a little over winter.

Centenial Kumquat November 2011

Doing ok, seems to be holding its own at least. Has dropped a little fruit and has another thats its trying to grow. Does that mean its stressed?

Centenial Kumquat

Planted in April 2011, still alive August 2011. Was completly burried in grass. Even has a tiny fruit.