Florida Garden


I grew the first lot in 2010 and the second lot in 2011.

Oleanders April 2013

Still getting eaten by caterpillars but the ones that have survived are struggling on quite well and have really thick stems.

Oleanders December 2012

I still have a few of these but they are under constant threat from caterpillers. Everyday I pick them off. That problem will never really go away, however, one Oleander seems to be getting quite big.

Oleanders November 2011

Just about all the Oleanders have been eaten by caterpillers. Very depressing. I have sprayed them all and they seem to be recovering, but I think the close proximity to the Mexican Petunias is going to make this a perpetual problem.


One of the Oleanders caught a caterpiller blight that ate all of its leaves but I used a spray and it seemd to be recovering in April 2011.